“I have been blessed to encounter some very special gifted people upon my path...Dorothea Delgado is one of them. Her psychic gifts are very powerful, her spiritual abilities are remarkable. Dorothea is a true Healer, a gifted Medium and Clairvoyant, a genuine conduit for the light of the diving Spirit. My Life has been greatly enriched by working with her.” James van Praagh Renowned spiritual Medium and Author of New York Times Best Sellers “Talking to Heaven,” “Reaching to Heaven” and “Healing Grief”

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Private Readings

Private Readings with Dorothea are in-person or via telephone.
Available by appointment only. The integrity and quality of your reading is not compromised if you choose the reading via telephone.

You will have the option to record your session and have an audio tape mailed to you. Please inquire about the fee for this additional service. You are also welcome to record the session for yourself. Please be aware that if you are recording your reading it should be with equipment that connects through the phone as recording from a speaker phone could interfere with the reading process.

Scheduling Information

The fee for a one hour reading is $395.00 for one person. An additional person is allowed under certain circumstances. Please check with us when booking. There is an added charge in these cases.

All appointments are prepaid. You may pay for your confirmed appointment using MC, Visa or Money Order.  Email or call 929 335 4236 to schedule a private reading.

Many good thoughts and blessings to you,
Dorothea Delgado

For more information about the different readings available or to find out more about my various psychic abilities, please go to the Frequently Asked Questions.  See what other people are saying about their experience by visiting our Testimonials page.